diamond powder

Synthetic polycrystalline, monocrystalline and natural diamond
Grind-Lap offers various types of synthetic diamond powder as well as natural diamond powder into a comprehensive array of products in the micron and sub-micron size range. Micron diamond powders are widely used for the superfinishing of hard materials with demanding specifications for surface quality and dimensional accuracy. 

Polycrystalline diamond powder is best suited for lapping and polishing of both extremely hard and soft materials. Thanks to its unique characteristics, maximum material removal rates and superior surface quality are achieved. Monocrystalline diamond powder is relatively inexpensive to produce and therefore widely used for grinding, lapping and polishing applications. Natural diamond powder is preferred for the production of electroplated diamond tools. Nanodiamond is a nanomaterial used in a variety of applications and research projects.

The choice of the diamond size is determined by the surface quality requirements, or respectively, by the function of the surface coating. Particles in the precision size range guarantee the highest performance and reproducibility levels and provide an accurate matching of diamond size to the application. The standard or wide size ranges are preferred when cost effectiveness directly depends on the price of the diamond. 

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